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Programmatic Media Planning to optimise your brand’s reach & results.

  • Transparency & Real-time Measurement
  • Efficiency & Precisecustomer Targeting
  • Reach & Improved Tracking Capacity Efficiency
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Our Programmatic Advertising Process

Network Selection

Most important part of planning programmatic is selecting a network that offers support & meets your objectives. We ensure networks are fully transparent & offer solutions for extensive budget utilisation.

Strategy & Planning

Understanding KPIs, plan how programmatic can achieve them. Work in close collaboration with the chosen networks, ensure that strategy is in the right direction – A simple test or aggressive prospecting, retargeting or a combination.

Ad Creation & adding human touch

With continuous collaboration with artists & studios we offer creative consulting as well. To ensure proper functioning, programmatic needs a human touch. Not all platforms offer fully managed services, few programs require a manual process.


Upon implementation, we add valuable optimisations to the campaigns. Analyse performance: on which websites your ads appear, who are seeing your ads, geographical reach of your ads & several other metrics.

User Analysis

Capture granular user data for cleverer targeting. One-stop programmatic advertising company to get valuable insights on users’ demographics data. Use that data to further optimise the campaigns & focus your budget on what really works for your brand.


We help in transparent reporting on how we have met the deliverables. Analyse data coherently with all other search activity, Assess the contribution of programmatic in the overall marketing mix.


Realtime bidding

With RTB, in an auction environment advertisers show specific ads to only a specific set of audiences based on data points about that audience. With this, advertisers can now programmatically display their interest-based ads only to interested audiences. We also use data, ML to make sure ads are delivered to the right audience.

Exclusive Auctions

Digital media buyers creating Invitation-only auctions including private marketplace deals where inventories are sold by a group or single premium publisher. Customized, ability to set aside certain ad inventory packages, sell it to select buyers or groups.

Spot Buying

Digital media buyers exist within an exchange environment with pre-negotiated, fixed pricing (for CPM/CPC). Has a higher priority in the ad server than open marketplaces or private. These types of deals are the result of advertiser demand for a more predictable offering within the exchange space.

Programmatic direct

Automated guaranteed buying. Happens when a buyer gets a hold of a publisher’s ad inventory at a fixed price. It is reserved as well & similar old-school trading, a direct sales team is involved. Reserved inventory is bought at a fixed price. Transactions are executed via 3rd parties guaranteeing ad space & impressions.

Reserved inventory

A particular area within a web-property is allocated to a publisher for a settled rate including agreed-upon ad sizes, frequency of ad display, time frame etc. Unreserved inventory – Opposite of reserved inventory: A publisher makes a location on his site available for ad spots since inventory is only sold directly. Sold through third-party ad networks & other ad exchanges.

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