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Orbito Banner Shapes
Orbito Banner Shapes
Orbito Banner Shapes

Mapping brands with the right influencers.

  • Select the right influencers to tender an opinion that customers trust.
  • Offer extensive reach to an actively engaged audience.
  • Generating leads faster with customer retention & increased reach.
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Our Influencer Marketing Process

Understanding the brand

With extensive brand understanding to find the right influencers. Complete brand analysis: What is the brand about, Objectives, What does brand stand for, business priorities, product/services? Why influencer marketing?

Audience Research

Influencers are known as the gateway to the audience. Who is the TG to deliver the message? Audience insights, research, demographics, AI techniques. What makes your audience resonate more, type of campaigns that sync etc.

Creating the influencer list

Research, identify, create the list of influencers. A strong pool of influencers, social media personalities with multiple ranges of followers. With the situation and strategy demands, we also rope-in bigger fish (bigger celebrities)

Connect, Create

Help you design campaigns tailored for the brand/product. Influencers join hands, create their own content, share with their fans, create necessary hype & brand trust. We are a bridge for your brand, guide engagement, benefit all entities.

Deployment & Reporting

For campaign reach, engagement & conversion metrics. Active, real-time feedback, collect data, analyse. Real-time campaign reporting, check campaigns from start to end, detailed reporting: Plan further campaigns.

Box-office Branding

Ticket Jacket Ads, Display ads, Posters etc reaching directly to the hands of the movie-goers.

Influencers across these industries & more


Launching a new automobile-related startup? Our auto experts will help you create maximum audience outreach


Our influencers will help you promote your digital products and services to the target audience and boost your ROI


Launching a new e-commerce store? Our industry influencers will help you bring buyers to your store


Launching a new fashion/lifestyle startup? Our fashion bloggers and influencer network will help you create a mark


Running a travel startup? Our influencers will tell your audience your inspiring brand story at cheaper influencer marketing cost.


Planning for a food startup? Our food bloggers & influencers help your brand get the right taste.

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