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Identify Accounts - Market to them - Measure the Results

5th Element ABM is used by B2B marketers to identify and target the accounts they value most. 5th Element provides ABM solutions that typically include account-based data and technology to help companies attract, engage, convert and then measure progress against customers and prospects.

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Our process


We identify and build your target account list—the companies you want to market to, which can be Prospects, customers, partners or a mix of all three.


5th Element brainstorms and builds marketing programs that focus on accounts and moves them through the funnel. We focus on your targets by running ads, creating content and events etc. .


The customer lifecycle is a continuous circle and so is your ABM marketing strategy. 5th Element measures at every stage of the funnel and around metrics important to B2B rather than traditional metrics. We feel marketing data doesn’t provide actionable insight on how to drive revenue or improve performance. We believe an account-based view of site traffic, engagement and conversion rates and the ability to connect siloed datasets across the funnel is much helpful.


Results Driven

5th Element Media Empowers B2C & B2B businesses to make smarter marketing decisions. A dedicated team of media planning and analytics experts in the industry, helping businesses with media technologies to develop creative, efficient, transparent, & sustainable advertising solutions. And when it comes to our relationships with clients, we are a people - first company.


Our clients are never in the dark. We offer full transparency & openness in our process, platforms, communications, rates & partnerships.


Our full-service media planning and buying agency handles all media in house, from programmatic to print, from TV to Twitter.

Data Driven

We are ad technology agnostic partner with bestof-breed vendors to provide data centric solutions for our clients.

Benefits of 5th Element’s ABM

5th Element’s ABM strategies and plan solves for all the challenges across the entire customer journey

  • We Align Sales & Marketing teams together for ABM campaigns.
  • Our team plans Focused Marketing & Sales Strategy for improved results.
  • We follow Precise & Holistic measurement ways to analyse the results.
  • We ensure Optimal Customer Experience by communicating needed content only.
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