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Engage, Connect, Interact, Impact, Results with social media marketing

  • Ignoring social as a part of the digital strategy is foolishness
  • Use social media strategy & thought-leadership
  • Target various persona, implement & analytics, reap higher ROI
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Our process

Identify and assess TG

Helping you determine who is your audience, their geography, demographics. Fully understand buyers persona. Build effective campaigns that appeal to ideal buyers.

Effective marketing strategy

Proper audience definition & to create an effective social media plan & campaigns to reach your audience.

Continuous monitoring

We don’t believe in – post, share, blast, without tracking its performance. We monitor results & assess overall efforts.

Awareness in community, forumsg

Delight audiences, customers & encourage awareness, interactions in the social media community, including blogging and forums.

Target keywords, phrases & topics

Content to increase relevancy, post, sharing with keywords & topics relevant to your brand/industry.

Analytics, data-trackingg

Adaptable room for improvement. Our experts monitor performance using key data analytics, tracking tools, tools for strategy improvement & check what suits best.

Research & Social Listening

We help you discover your customer’s needs, what drives your customers, connect to their thought-process. Use social listening tools for persona, brand perception, competitors.

Creative Content Creation

5th Element helps in creating compelling & creative content to drive sales, copywriting, story-driven posts, unique liners in posts to hyper-clickable advertising, along with offering best rates in Social media planning services.

Platform-specific advertising

Help in creating uber-relevant strategies for every platform, leverage the potential of all social media engines to its full extent to create impactful campaigns.

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